Sporty Chic

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Let's face it ladies and gents, shoe obsession is a real thing! People wonder why so many women build spaces specifically for their shoes and own so many pairs. Finding the perfect pair of shoes for any outfit can be the pinnacle of any ensemble. With Spring about a month away, it's the perfect time to experiment with fun shoe trends and for this upcoming season the minimalist, sporty look will be very fashion forward! Online retailer Shoedazzle, shows us how with their latest lookbook and has me craving for more fun footwear to add to my wardrobe! 

Images via Shoedazzle

Textural contrast, and simple threads will draw attention to any intricate shoes you'll be wearing, Shoedazzle proves to us that sporting that athletic- inspired look doesn't have to look sloppy or disheveled as if you just woke up, but very feminine and modern. This shoe trend is complemented by perforations, laser cut designs, metallic accents, and cut outs galore! This is definitely a scintillating style to watch out for! Dear readers, what do you think of Shoedazzle's latest fashionable movement? How would you wear it?

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