Cool Runnings

It was one fine, chilly afternoon in Philadelphia. Inches of snow was on the ground, the sky was heavily clouded and thousands of people were calmly chatting  and walking around in their skivvies! No, it's not a normal everyday Philadelphian thing, but a big group of people getting together to make a difference for tons of children in need. It was the day of Cupid's Undie Run and boy was it a sight to see! 

The fashion was all over the place, tutus, wings, funky socks, underwear over tights and the list goes on. There was also a costume contest which included many people dressed up as super heroes and villains. The run which happened after the costume contest was a mile long, around the Xfinity Live center. It was blistering cold and it was also snowing at the time but the lovely people participating in the run did it without frowning. Good thing for many of the runners, they had plenty of drinks to stay warm! The best part of this event is the amount of donations that they were able to raise for the Children's Tumor Foundation, a whopping $132,680! Freezing your butt off never felt so good! It's absolutely wonderful to see people getting together for such a good cause even if it takes a seemingly silly challenge. Dear readers, did you ever do something others would deem crazy for a good cause? I'd love to hear your comments!


  1. Oh boy! Glad you got through it and survived : ) But why can't we see what YOU were wearing?!

  2. I wasn't wearing anything too interesting and I didnt have anyone to photograph me. #storyofmylife!


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