I Dream of... Lulu Frost Jewelry

I Dream of Lulu Frost by Jacqueline Davis Moranti
I'm sure most of you have dreamt about owning that one piece of jewelry that would blow all of your other pieces to shame! The statement among statement necklaces, the one of kind bangle, the show-stopper earrings. I'm talking about Lulu Frost Jewelry! I discovered this jewelry line a few months ago while I was perusing the new merchandise at my local J. Crew store. Ahhh, what a beautiful discovery it was, I've been lusting over Lisa Salzer's [Jewelry designer] gorgeous work ever since! Lulu Frost has collaborated with J. Crew and the Loft. Miss Salzer truly knows her craft!

The entire collection is created by hand, so don't worry about having the same necklace as the next person because not one is truly the same! The inspiration is drawn from "classic" references, but that is an understatement to say the least, because they have a really unique and contemporary spin!

Here are some of the pieces i'm currently dreaming of!

Images from Shopbop and LuluFrost

Dear readers, what do you think of Lulu Frost jewelry? Are you craving a piece or two like I am?!


  1. Wow, thanks for introducing this to us! I am in love with the pieces! I would wear everything you posted! Love love love! Fab taste, Jacqui!


  2. Awww, thanks! Just sharing what I love! Ps, we need to hang out!


Thanks for the sweet whispers! XO