Clear Thinking

Illustrated by Jacqueline Moranti Davis
The holidays can be quite stressful, from all the planning and decorating to all the bad eating and holiday parties. It's quite easy to get distracted and fall off your usual lifestyle. Once you start changing your good habits to habits that can have a negative impact on your health, your mind becomes fogged and unable to do uncomplicated tasks. I've tried meditating and doing several yoga classes to help clear my mind and sometimes it actually does work but lately my stresses have taken it to a whole new level, that something else is definitely needed. 

Ever wonder what you could do to prevent the terrible hangover headache? Or how about ways to possibly stress a lot less? I've wondered theses questions and more, luckily I found some fantastic supplements to counteract those negative aspects in life, with Setria Glutathione and Cognizin Citicoline. Setria and Cognizin help me feel refreshed and ready to tackle the work week. While both major active ingredients of these supplements are found in the body, naturally, it's definitely not enough in our body's storage to give us the edge we need after a long weekend! 

As an entrepreneur, I spend many nights awake, quite late I might add, working and problem solving. Cognizin can aid in recovery and makes the person appear more alert with an improvement in mental awareness.  Support of a healthy brain function is crucial to achieve your goals and move forward, without a good working brain, much cannot be achieved. Check out the video below to find out exactly what Cognizin's citicoline can do for you!


Setria helps detox my body, more specifically, my immune system. By cleaning out my immune system and eliminating toxins, I'm helping my body maintain it's vitamin C and E and it also gives you antioxidant protection. As a self proclaimed gym rat, detoxing my body helps with the bulking process and helping me build my muscle mass because my supplements can take much easier. The gluthathione also helps with skin, so many skin care benefits to help keep you glowing! 

By taking both os these supplements together you will notice a vast improvement on your mood and alertness, I definitely have in the past two weeks since introducing it to my health. This duo is considered the nutrient power-duo, after a long weekend this is exactly what I need! For young entrepreneurs like myself, lack of sleep and rest is very common and rather than get irritable and nasty about it, I'd rather help my mood with Setria and Cognizin! Dear readers, have you ever tried these products? How do you aid your mood?

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