Glow Getter

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

The beginning of the year has a way with reminding us to reset and refresh. This time of year can be invigorating—a time when you think anything is possible and you have some momentum and inspiration to really go for it. As you focus on big goals like maybe finishing a new passion project, learning a new language or discovering a new hobby, there is something you can do to face this fresh new perspective with a little extra pizzazz, get a fresh new face (by boosting the one you already have that is)! After all you have to put your best face forward. Just like makeup, a good skincare routine can enhance your features and best part is you can integrate glowing additions without having to go to a spa or break your budget.

1. Add collagen to your diet

Want immediate, glowing skin?! Of course you do! I've been taking collagen powder and adding it to my morning coffee for about 6 months now and love it. You can add it to your tea, smoothies or even your cereal all of those methods give you the same glowing results I swear! *** Disclaimer first, obviously check with your doctor before you try this because I am no M.D

2. SPF Every. Damn. Day

Nothing will age your skin more than a sunburn over time. I prefer to choose makeup with spf in it and most importantly my moisturizer.

3. Serums
I used to avoid using serums because I thought they were too oily and greasy for my skin, but nope! They are amazing! They keep my skin glowing, dewy and they really get in those pores. Plus, there are so many different kinds and extracts for whatever skin care concern you might have. I personally love serums with squalene (plant based), hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Serums also give you the opportunity to create a skincare "cocktail" to target your concerns. It will transform the texture and complexion of your skin straight away. I swear I don’t go a single night without it!

4. Keep Jade Rolling 

You know that feeling after a great massage? Imagine that on your face! A jade roller helps to clean out your lymph nodes and drain toxins from your face. Try it after applying your serum to really get in those pores. 

5. Cool It Down

Ever since I got a mini fridge for my skincare, I don't think i'll be going back to applying my skin care in room temperature! Most skincare products work better in cool temps and feel great applied when cold, I also keep my jade roller and gua sha tool in it too.

These five things will really ramp you up to start loving your skincare routine so whatever it is you choose to do in the next year, you can feel confident doing it. There is nothing quite like really feeling good in your own skin. Plus, you deserve a little TLC.

In addition, all of these things are a double win, they not only feel good but they are good for you. It’s a perk on top of a perk! So, start out 2020 right and add these tricks into your mix!

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