Pink Is Not Cancelled

Photos by Derrick Hogue

As we all know by now, Living Coral was named the Pantone color of the year. And honestly i'm not impressed with that one! That’s not to say that the luminous pastels and bright neons are going anywhere. In fact, if fashion week’s recent runway shows and this years’ red carpet looks are any indication, colors like marigold, fiery reds, bold blues, and vibrant pink will be on everyone’s style radar. Pink is and will always be my forever color, it's feminine, chic, modern, playful, and undeniably a strong stand out color! For me pink is the color of women independence, and it's no surprise that it's a popular color for the month of March!

One of the biggest surprises in fashion lately is the resurgence of pink shades. Pink can be somewhat of a difficult color to style, especially pastel pinks. How do you wear pink without looking too adolescent? How does pink fit into a modern fashion world that totes sleek, and chic pieces in subdued colors? Dressing pretty in pink in a modern world is hard but it's a challenge I love to take over and over. 

I paired my pinks with a tailored separate and a textured piece to offset looking like a bubble gum princess! Lately I'm obsessed with pairing sporty, athleisure pieces with dressier garments, feels more socially acceptable than walking around in yoga leggings! 

crop: Hello Healthy(similar), bra: Calvin Klein, pants: Solace Of London, sneaks: Superga

The color pink for me reminds me of my femininity, shaking off its associations with both childhood days and the wardrobes of early-2000s It girls to be reclaimed as the color of feminine cool. Once considered too 'girlish' for a serious fashionista's wardrobe, the color pink is now worn by elites, and their myriad followers, like a badge of pride. With so much talk of women’s rights and civil liberties (and their oft-questionable treatment) happily making its way to the mainstream, it’s no surprise that we’d rethink any patriarchal associations made with our beloved clothing.

Maybe it's just a matter of time before when the inevitable result of a fashion cycle that takes trends away, only to reintroduce them once the public’s desire has built back up for it. Nevertheless, pink today feels so fresh instead of cliché—more a personal, creative choice than merely a fallback via idealistic gendered association.

And, just like fashion’s favorite color, black, pink's tonality is endless, resulting in pieces that range from subtle to shocking—something for every one. This color that once seemed to box women in now appears to do the opposite, offering women endless options and the confident strut of someone wearing an outfit all her own. Dear readers, how do you wear pink?

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