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Illustrated By Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Every natural- haired chica knows the struggle of dealing with dry, crackly hair–especially during the frigid, winter months. As the air gets colder, it’s important to spend a little extra time keeping our hair both smooth and moisturized. Whether you’re rocking a protective style, or bravely sporting a "wash and go," here are my go to five essential tips and tricks to ensure your natural curls, kinks and coils stay soft and moisturized both in and out of this chilly season.

Blown Out


Coconut Oil

One major essential that every natural haired chica should have in their arsenal is coconut oil. This oil is the perfect choice for everyday light moisturization, detangling, and pre- shampooing. The distinct properties of coconut oil allow it to penetrate into each hair fiber, locking in moisture and strengthening the hair. Before your next wash, try some extra virgin coconut oil and see if there's a noticeable difference in your hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar

An apple cider vinegar rinse is a great way to cleanse the hair as well as restore the natural pH level. Balancing the pH levels of your hair is important to maintain good scalp and hair health which promotes growth. The added bonus is that an ACV rinse will leave your hair feeling soft.

Deep Conditioners

Regularly deep conditioning treatments should be a crucial part of every natural hair regimen. Deep conditioners help strands combat dryness, and increase elasticity. Not to mention the amount of slip it can provide you for your detangling sessions! Lately I've been using IGK's Expensive Amla Oil Topcoat strengthen my coils in just 10 easy minutes, while i'm in the shower.

A few of my current favorites from IGK Hair (not sponsored, all opinions my own)

Scalp Exfoliator

Take a second to think about everything you do to your hair. All of that manipulation whether its with hot tools, chemicals or even your hands, it tends to take a toll and not just on your hair but on your scalp as well. Did you know that you're supposed to be treating your scalp like you would the skin on your face? We've all heard this before. "healthy scalp = healthy hair!" Definitely a true statement! I've been eliminating product build up and impurities with IGK's Low Key Scalp Scrub. I use it once a week, in place of a shampoo/ cleanser to clarify.

LOC/ LCO Method

The next and last step is crucial as a natural haired- chica, the LOC method (liquid- oil- cream). This is a layering technique designed to help you lock in the moisture to your hair. I personally practice it as LCO, essentially switching the order of the cream/ conditioner and oil to help retain moisture in my tresses better. I would definitely agree that this step is what helped my hair flourish in length and strength! This routine for me looks like water- IGK Mistress/ or Shea Moisture Curl Smoothieargan oil/ coconut oil.

All in all, find what works for you and stick with it! No two heads are the same especially for highly textured hair.  Dear readers, do you have any hair care tips that you swear by?

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