If You Must Heat, Protect!

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Heat protection at times can be the epitome of a messy and greasy situation. From tacky textured hair, defected spray nozzles, and excess pours, this necessary step can be maddening for even the most patient. However many hairstylists would agree that the most criminal offense is a protectant that sells you the dream of heat protection, free of charred, split ends and foul smells (the usual burnt hair with a whiff of a fragrant additive) only to leave you with crispy curls hanging limply amongst frizzy kinks (we’ve all been there, especially me). Holiday season for many natural haired chicas like myself means more opportunity for straight hairstyles, no humidity to worry about frizz!

So how does hair become damaged to the point of no return? We damage our hair regularly through bleaching, color treatments, heat tools, and excessive sun exposure. Okay, so you don’t necessarily want to sacrifice your personal style to save your hair, but how can you keep your hair looking healthy without giving these up? Bottom line, heat damage is irreversible and should be avoided at all absolute costs. The solution, trusted protectants that deliver tried and true results.

These three products offer an assorted mix of heat protection, styling tools may or may not apply. For the tenacious natural who prefers to avoid flat irons and blow dryers, we’ve listed a weightless oil primer perfect for UV protection on twist outs, updos and more. Or for the silk-press devotee, guilt-free straightened tresses are only a pump and spray away. Scroll down for my faves!

This serum is great for a sleek, smooth, frizz-free look. It gives you the results of a fresh Dominican blow- out and reduces blow dry time, provides 450-degree heat protection and 24-hour frizz-control. 
To get your sleek blowout: Apply it to damp, towel-dried hair in sections, coating every strand. It’s a heat-activated formula so blow dry in.

Developed with a moisture-locking vitamin complex the potent protectant guards against heat and friction, leaving hair enviably soft with a healthy sheen. Providing thermal protection up to 450 degrees, Spray liberally 6-8 inches away from midshaft on both damp hair before you blow dry and dry hair before you curling or flat ironing.

A line up of all-star hair oils, this product revives malnourished locks in one full swing. Dual primer and heat protectant, the fragrant mixture prepares and nourishes while protecting strands from UV rays. Helps with frizz and works perfectly as a protectant against heat from blow dryers, flat irons, diffusers, curling wands etc. 

These are my tried and true heat protectant products. I use them whenever I want a sleek blowout, which is a rare occasion but the holidays tend to bring out a new woman in me! Now's the time to switch up your look but no need to sacrifice your hairs health when you have great protectants like these to help. Dear readers, what have you used to protect your hair from heat?

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