The Shrunken Sweater

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Everyone has that favorite piece of clothing that they wear all of the time. Whether it's a sweater, a blouse, a dress or a favorite pair of jeans, they all have to get washed sometime or another. Of course you dread the thought of the washer and dryer ruining the very fabric of those pieces and then it does!  The feeling of the realization of your once beloved garment, now shrunken and babydoll sized juts through your chest like a javelin throw. Alright maybe not that serious but it puts a damper on your day! And then you're left trying to find a replacement for that once loved piece or you can avoid it altogether by keeping Dryel by your side!

C/O Dryel, opinions are my own

I've had plenty of cashmere and wool sweaters ruined by washing them from home, when you can't afford to pay for dry cleaning especially when you have a lot of "dry clean only" items, it becomes a hassle to care for them. What's a fashionista to do?! I knew that I couldn't ruin another Loro Piana sweater because budgeting wouldn't allow me to whip out the credit card to buy another one so I had to learn how to care for my items the right way. I love Dryel's at home kit because it gives me the Dry cleaning quality without the dry cleaning price tag. The kit comes with a fabric protection bag to put the garments in while drying in the dryer machine, this prevents to clothing from pilling or shrinking. The kit also provides me with a stain spray and cleansing wipes which are all safe to use for most delicate fabrics. The entire process of the starter kit takes within an to complete which is much shorter than a visit to the cleaners!

Honestly, fabric care is made easier with Dryel and my jeans, sweaters and blouses have never looked better. And my wallet thanks me for using it as well! Dryel is a game changer for those with many delicate and "dry clean only" garments in their closet. Show your closet you care with Dryel! Dear readers, will you be incorporating Dryel's starter kit into your 2018 wardrobe?!

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