Get Moving

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

One of the trendiest things to have a resolution of for the beginning of the year is always around fitness. "New year, new me," takes on different tone in everyone around that time and it's all in good favor for better health. As an avid gym rat, I can remember the trials and tribulations that it takes to get yourself comfortable with going to the gym. Everyone starts somewhere and when you have no idea where to begin, it's quite an intimidation... "gym- timidation!" Getting past the road blocks can feel like a hard feat but if you really put your mind to it you can find ways around it. One of the ways I found my way through the gym was via the internet, looking up routines to practice while I was at the gym. Fortunately nowadays there are better ways to do that exact thing with little effort at the touch of your hands with Aaptiv. 

Aaptiv is an audio fitness app that combines the motivation of a personal trainer and your favorite DJ!  I spent hours writing down my fitness routines in a notebook, splitting up my muscle groups for this or that day, making sure I had the right amount of reps : sets ratio and stuck with it. The Aaptiv app takes out all of the guess work for beginners. Stepping into a new gym or studio is scary but beneficial. Check out this infographic from Aaptiv for more ways to beat gym- timidation.

One of my favorite tips in this graphic is number 4, focus on yourself. Creating an accountability for yourself such as goals for the day, week, month helps you achieve the bigger picture. Small steps such as writing down how many sets you did during that workout will help you improve for the next time. Whenever I notice that I'm comfortable at a certain rate/weight, I increase by 10% to push myself over the limit. I personally cannot work out with friends because if said friend is not interested in working out like me, then the whole workout will feel like I have to lower my standards to match theirs. Using the Aaptiv app feels like you have an experienced friend who's also a trainer working out with you. Turn up the volume and focus on you!

Dear readers, how do you overcome your gym- timidation? Don't forget to try out Aaptiv with your next workout and use code GETFIT for a 30 day trial on an annual membership. This year make your workouts stick!

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