Which Character Inspires You?

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

When it comes to television, I try not to get sucked into storylines, not because I hate tv but I just don't have time to get sucked into an entire synopsis. Most shows on tv require a deep dedication and devotion to fully understand the plot lines. Which is why I tend to catch snippets here and there of reality tv shows, news segments or my favorite choice of entertainment-on-the-go, podcasts. When you're a busy- body, taking time to sit down is quite a rarity. From working 40 hours a week plus the extra odd hours working on self endeavors, and making time to visit friends and family, it's no wonder I cut out television from my schedule. Occasionally there will be a series on tv that catches my attention and just draws me in to it, and funny enough most of those series are on one network, HBO.

This is a sponsored post in partnership with HBO. All opinions are 100% mine

The Home Box Office network, better known as HBO is renowned for it's gripping story lines, impeccable visionaries and just down right showmanship. I've always known about this network but it wasn't until recently that I forged a love interest with the network. A few years ago, one of my friends was hosting a book club, the book of choice for that month was "Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl," by Issa Rae. While reading it, I completely indulged myself with the character. It was so relatable, there were moments when I could pin point certain times in my own life that were similar to the writer's life. I just fell in love with Issa, in an admiration and inspired way. Then a few months after finishing that book I learned that Issa would be creating a show, an adaptation of the book on  HBO. That was all I needed to know to make sure to myself, to make time for that show every week, every Sunday. 

Insecure which stars Issa Rae, is a show that touches upon the contemporary black woman's experience. In a world  and culture that portrays black women as always being strong and confident, can be confusing when you're exactly opposite of that. Issa's character and Molly, her best friend go through real life struggles and make you feel right at home. The raucous portrayal of being young, black and awkward are defiantly true and gloriously hilarious without going way over board. For me, the most relatable part of the show was when Molly was internally fighting with herself, trying to decide whether or not she should hire a therapist. Growing up in a community of mostly people of color, I understood the difficulties of coming to grips with needing help especially mental health. I go through my own bouts of anxiety and being able to admit that to very proud and prideful Latino parents takes guts. 

The first season of Insecure harkens on the introduction of all the characters and the latest season, second, delves deep into the friendship of Issa and Molly. These two ladies are the flawed protagonists, the contemporary, modern day versions of such 90's era shows like Living Single. A much rawer depiction of what black friendships are if they're written by people of color, and in this case, it really is. With writers such as Larry Willmore (The Nightly Show), and Melina Matsoukas (Beyonce's Formation, Rihanna's We Found Love, Atlanta) and of course Issa Rae herself it's no wonder why this show is gripping! Not only is it funny, but it also shares sociological points that can only be understood when laughing is involved. 

I appreciate when real, and raw storytelling is given a chance, that is exactly HBO's motive. HBO's content pushes boundaries to inspire new perspectives, and stand behind it's beliefs. No other network is close to comparable. For me, the shows the can grab my attention and make me feel inclusive to the story are the only ones worth my time. Next time you're looking for something to watch try HBOGo's platform for all of their content on the go and get ready to be inspired! Dear readers, what's your favorite way to watch HBO?

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