The Fall Necessities

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

With the start of a new season, means the start of a new look! During this time it feels like retailers are jumping at the seams to get you to come into their stores and take one last glance at those tie strap tank tops and seer sucker skirts at a discounted rate. But before you count them out entirely, why not consider how you can style it for the fall season? Fall and winter are predominantly known as the layering seasons, might as well start early and not feel like you can't wear your summer sales buys more than once. Put them to good use and embrace the last days of the season.

Jeans are my absolute favorite for Fall, they never go out of style. It's the kind of jeans styles to wear that will make a difference than what you may have worn before. This year for Fall Bellbottoms and wide legged pants are going to be huge. NYFW is right around the corner and I'm willing to bet that these aforementioned styles will be all the rage.

When it comes to getting dressed faster and easily in the morning, I always look towards jumpsuits. It's my favorite one and done piece, sure it might be a little bit lazy but during those mornings when you're truly in a rush, it's a lifesaver. This season the growing trend is moving to a 70's- 80's nostalgia, which is when the jumpsuit was born! Look for pieces with relaxed legs, collars and color blocking.

I can't seem to remember a time when I didn't wear culottes, whenever I see them on sale, I stock up! It's the perfect pant for transitional weather since it's cropped and roomy. 

From thin to thick, embroidered to patchworked, quilted to unlined, bomber jackets are a perfect layering piece. This jacket makes the off duty style attainable to us non model chicas while also serving as a functional piece!

This season I'm making sure to layer up with these autumnal essential pieces. The weather these days can be fickle, by adding these pieces to our wardrobe you'll ensure yourself to be ready at all costs! Be sure to check out my poshmark closet for all of your autumn wardrobe goods and check out the end of season sale! Dear readers, how do you transtion?

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