The Essential Black Pants

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti
I love my skirts and dresses, these pieces are the "defacto" feminine wardrobe pieces. While yes, it's quite predictable to find dresses and skirts in any woman's closet, pants are the unknown. Nowadays, most women wear pants but less than 60 years ago women were not allowed to wear pants, it was seen as great disrespect to husbands and men everywhere. Wearing pants said to the world that women could be just as independent and tough, and men were intimidated by it. Fortunately, the movement happened and now ladies everywhere enjoy wearing pants to work, to the park, to school, at home and everyplace in between. I don't know how I could survive without the use of my jeans, trousers, capris, and pants! It's just an absolute necessity to life in 2016 and beyond. What is even more needed to build the perfect wardrobe, are black pants. Even if you're not a self proclaimed pants girl, having a few essential black pant styles will ensure you'll be comfortable and stylish. Don't be so hard on the black pants, they're in everyone's closets and only need a bit of love! 

It's no question as to why I start off talking about my favorite kind of pants, leggings! A pair of black leggings is a must, not only is it comfortable, it's also functional. I love the leggings that can be worn from yoga to brunch, from the office to the happy hour, I'm all about multiple uses. There's also a ton of different styles to look for too from high waisted, coated, mesh paneling and many more details that they could never be boring. Leggings can be worn in public, i've been rocking out in Define Your Inspiration and Alo Yoga Wear but check out these great options too.

Everyone needs a pair of pants that they can wear to black tie events, interviews, and any professional event that should arise. Sure you could reach for that pencil skirt but all the cool girls opt for the beloved trouser. Silk, wool, tweed, and many more fabrics to make this style interesting.

Sometimes I yearn for a great pair of pants that are black tie alternatives, something much more fun and something that really compliments my petite stature. As a firm 5'4'' I constantly have to stop by the tailors to get my pants hemmed but culottes come in the perfect length to avoid that step. Culottes also have a great shape, they usually flutter out like an A Line skirt. Getting lost in the fabric is my favorite!

Casual black pants are needed for those days when you want to feel put together but still feel comfortable. Chinos are made with cotton or mostly cotton, everyone knows just how cotton feels on the body, which is excellent! Perfect weekender pants, just look at the Olsen twins for how they style their chinos. 

I live in my jeans, so comfortable and versatile. Jeans can be dressed up and dressed down, distressed to sleek and slim. I love wearing black jeans almost as much as I love my dog, and that's quite a lot! I just can't get enough. There's also quite a variety to choose from, skinny leg, straight leg, boyfriend fit, midrise, high waisted, and much more choices.

Building a wardrobe is not easy but having these essential black pants help. Black pants are fashion forward and underrated. Just think about the wonderful all black everything outfits you can create and as a minimalist connoisseur I live by these essentials! Dear readers, do you own any of these black pant styles? How do you build your wardrobe?

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