Cool Navy

With the weather getting increasingly cooler, it's time to pull out the neutral pieces to the forefront of our wardrobes. Different shades of browns, grays and berries might be what most of our closets seem to look like, with a giant hint of black! As much as I love neutrals, especially my black pieces, I would still rather keep things somewhat bright and cheery. Obviously, I can't let go of my Summer wardrobe just yet! The best base color, next to black for me is navy. Navy is one of those colors that seems to get forgotten, but I want to make every use of it! 

To me, navy hues are the next best thing to black. Black is so expected, navy is a rare occurrence.  It's one of those colors that have a very versatile appeal, it can be done in a very formal manner or   paired in a fun and playful way. These pants by Robert Rodriguez, are exactly that, formal and fun in a lyocell fabric. The wide legged shape is great for this in between weather too.

top: C/O Gap(similar), trousers: Robert Rodriguez(similar), booties: Shoemint(similar), hat: H&M, jewelry: Urban outfitters, Forever21, thrifted

Photos by Jeffrey Davis Moranti

Since the season is still fairly young, the weather is pretty inconsistent. Rather than looking dreary in an all black ensemble, try something navy, or even go bold and try a full on monotone navy look! Summer is over, the temps are cooling but that shouldn't let your fashion freeze! Dear readers, what are your takes on wearing navy over black this season? 

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