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Hello dear readers, I wanted to update you on an exciting venture I've been up to. As you know, I like to illustrate, alot! I recently submitted some work to Casetify and was accepted to create a gallery for their artist series! It's really exciting to me because it presents a new way for illustrations to be featured. Illustrations are everywhere, from the graphic tees we wear to the package designs for furniture, from magazines to novels and now our beloved cell phones and tablets. It's also nice to add something to my repertoire to show my parents, they still aren't certain of what illustrations are! #ParentsJustDontUnderstand

Casetify allows you to create a phone case to fit your personality by using your most memorable moments to show it. Turn your photos into lasting memories! Casetify cases are handcrafted with love and printed on quality materials. I absolutely love that it also celebrates the creative community by allowing them to feature their designs. I feel so honored! The cases to choose from range from so many of the current devices, Samsung Galaxys, iPhones, Ipod touch, Ipad, HTC One, Blackberry and the list can go on. My featured gallery contains thirteen of my designs, all are fun, bright, cheerful and a few unisex options too. You can take a look at the entire gallery at

Dear readers, I'd love to hear your comments on my featured designs! Do you have a favorite?

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