Online Dating Profile Fails

(Old) Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti
Imagine this, one beautiful, sunny day your taking a walk through central park with your phone in your hand. You notice an email from a friend saying she has some extra tickets to a show tonight and while reading it, you accidently bump into a gorgeous man, the man of your dreams, mr right.  Yeah, that rarely happens, if ever at all! That's why online dating has become such a popular thing lately. In the last couple of years the percentage of online dating has increased astronomically, i've even seen an ad specifically for farmers to find their perfect mate, surreal! Don't get me wrong, i'm not dissing the ability to find your "soul mate" online just the infamously bad profiles people are using to find that special someone with! I haven't signed up for any because i'm kind of old fashioned when it comes to meeting people, but common sense allows me not to mention ridiculous things that the government might come knocking down my door for! I stumbled on a site recently that really had me laughing out loud and it influenced me to write down some pointers/ tips for reference in the future, if I were to ever need it!

One) A good profile photo is always a winner... adding a photo of yourself indulging in your hobby, not always a good idea! 

Two) A normal username that doesn't raise any flags, is always ideal... getting too personal with your name doesn't always work!

Three) It's never a good idea to mask yourself.

Four) Don't over- edit your photo, the truth eventually comes out!

Five) The most important thing to keep in mind is to watch what you put out there in the interweb. You wouldn't want future prospects to see anything that can hinder you like this posting.

Dear readers, I hope you enjoyed my tips on what not to post on an online dating profile. In the world we live in now, many find it difficult to find love so they turn to the world wide web for help, but in turn make themselves look ridiculous! Go ahead, have a laugh and let me know your thoughts!

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