Beauty Bit, Night Time Skincare Routine
Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti
Some of you might know i'm an avid skin care enthusiast! Something my mother repeatedly ingrained in me was that how we take care of our skin now, greatly determines how our skin looks later in life. I think about that everyday, even on those late nights when you walk through the door and all you want to do is go to sleep! The last thing on my mind, on those late nights is washing my makeup off! But alas, my mother's voice sneaks it's way into my head and I just have to do it! So I have to give a big thank you to my mother, for my fervent ways of taking care of my skin

Having a nightly routine is very crucial, your skin needs to be rid of those harsh impurities that just seem to build up throughout the day. I can be anything from the inevitable pollution in the air to the natural oils in our skin that make our epidermis seem like anything less than great by the evening time. I usually wash my face twice a day, but at night I tend to pay more attention to it by giving it more TLC than I would in the morning. Also if you're like me, you love using products with natural ingredients. Products with too many man made ingredients and preservatives just sit on the surface, for me, especially with my hair. Not a good look!

I wash my makeup- laden face using Lush's Coal Face, it's an absolutely fantastic product! I've been using it for the past five years and it has yet to fail me! It's great for oily skin like mine by balancing it out with powdered charcoal. 

Of course after, washing my face I have to use a moisturizing night cream to replenish it with a heaping of vitamins to keep me radiant! Lately, I've been using Nature's Gate Avocado Night Cream. It's another great natural based product with tons of vitamin e and essential fatty acids from the avocado. Have you ever tried an avocado face mask? This cream is very similar to that, except the cream actually blends into your skin, whereas avocado chunks don't! I have to say, after using this for a couple of months now, my skin feels pretty buttery, soft and well rested looking.

The last product in my nightly routine is all about the eyes! I've been using Nature's Gate Grape Seed Eye Cream in conjunction with the night cream, it's been the secret to my not so tired look! Even if I've only had five hours of sleep, which is pretty often, I still look well rested! It's my holy grail to combat the appearance of undereye bags. Unlike other products i've used, this does not leave a weird greasy film on your skin. 

What's great about these products too is that they're great for sensitive skin, which mine tends to be. I try to treat my skin like silk, I mean we've only got one for life, so why not take care of it?! Dear readers, how do you take special care of your skin, do you also have a nightly skin care routine?


Thanks for the sweet whispers! XO