Beauty Bit, Makeup Forever

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

I recently got the opportunity to check out the new Makeup Forever store, in the King of Prussia mall. It's the first one in the state, I'm so used to checking out the brand's kiosk in Sephora. It was really refreshing to get a real dose of Makeup Forever! It was super interesting to find out about the makings of the brand, I had no idea that it was started by a sculptor's need to create paints that were appropriate to use on the human body. That explains why a lot of make up artists for sci -fi and horror movies swear by it! They even have fake blood makeup, Halloween costume ideas anyone?! It was my first time using their products, i've always heard about how heavy the products were, I was skeptical weary. As I may have mentioned before, I like my makeup to look as natural as possible, it's pretty oxy- moronic! And I also like to spend ten minutes or less on my makeup routine. When my lovely makeup artist was done, I was in shock at how flawless the application looked on me! My biggest pet peeve is a cakey look, which the Makeup Forever products did not cause. Definitely not a skeptic anymore and depending on what look I want to achieve, applying it shouldn't take longer than your usual makeup routine! 

My amiga and shade sister(170), Mecca(StyledOutLoud)

These were the products used on my makeover!
 My favorite product would have to be the primer, Makeup Forever provides six different primers, each for a different look. The one used on me was the pink, it provided me with a dewy complexion. I was also taught how to create a fantastic cat eye, i'm no pro at it but now I have a better understanding at how to achieve it! I even got to take home some complimentary products, which I have been loving! If your're looking for some quality makeup for a special night out, I totally recommend trying out their products and stop by the new location at the King of Prussia mall. Dear readers, have you tried any of the Makeup Forever products? What do you think of it?


  1. I never knew the story of why MUFE was founded either! Love it :)

  2. OMG, I am loving MUFE!! They have amazing products!!

  3. I am loving this illustration! I also love the MUFE products, really does what it claims!

  4. the illustration is stunning! i love MUFE too, very reasonable prices <3

    To Juliet

  5. I am a newfound lover! Obsessed with it!

  6. Thank you for your kind words! Yes, they're fantastic products at good prices!


Thanks for the sweet whispers! XO