Who's That Girl, Laura Pott

By Jacqueline Davis Moranti
Her name is Laura Pott, one of my favorite bloggers right now! Laura blogs at HollyLovesPaul, and she's not your average fashion blogger, she is more like your NYC tour guide to all of the hottest places to check out. She's originally from Germany and has lived there for most of her life and then in 2010 moved to the Big Apple. Since then, this reclaimed New Yorker has been passionately posting about her fabulous travels and experiences, even her trips to Germany and Spain! I've been fortunate enough to travel to different countries, I have family in South America and in Europe, i've even studied abroad during my undergrad years. It has taught me an appreciation for the world and it's different cultures, which is how I feel when reading Laura's fantastic blog! 
I'm also a New York City fanatic, you can ask my BF! It manages to make me feel like i've stepped into a magical realm, where fashion is the oxygen! I'm always learning something new about that magical city via Laura's blog and you should too! 

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