Beauty Bit, Lash Primer

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti 

If you're like me, you like your makeup to be easy and simple that way you can get out of the door efficiently. Tinted moisturizer here, a dash of blush there and of course the mascara. The introduction of primers makes things a bit more complicated, there is literally a primer for every part of the face! I just can't fathom sitting in front of the mirror for ten more minutes, which is why I love the idea of a BB cream, the primer is merged into the product making it one simple step.  When Mary Kay sent me their lash primer to try, I was skeptical but intrigued!

Upon applying the primer, I was beyond impressed! It did everything it promised, extreme definition and major volume and this was before applying the actual mascara! Why a lash primer, you may ask?! A lash primer is meant to condition and strengthen our lovely lashes and it also separates the lashes and helps keep mascara where it belongs! Mary Kay's lash primer did all of that and then some. I'm a changed woman, I now see why primers are important and quite possibly essential to our beauty routines. Best part about it is that it's fool proof, it's not messy at all and it's very easy to apply which means that you can still have your makeup done in ten minutes or less!
Dear readers, have you tried any lash primers recently? How do you feel about utilizing it into your routine?


  1. great review !

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  2. I've never tried lash primer, because I, like you, prefer to keep my make-up routine simple. After reading your post, I'm inspired to try it!!!


  3. Please let me know how it works out! I'm truly in love with it! I'm glad I was able to inspire you, Josephina!


Thanks for the sweet whispers! XO