The Shorts Story

It's time to get leggy ladies! This seasonal mainstay has so many bad connotations, from too risque to too sloppy or lazy looking than a skirt. While our usual cutoffs may exude just that, there's tons of other shorts styles to be fashionable and comfortable for the heatwave. 
I'm all for wearing shorts, but a lot of my friends are actually intimidated by wearing them or don't know how to dress up a pair of shorts. I've compiled a list of shorts by body type in anticipation that it will help you next time you go shopping! 

Statistics say that the average american woman is 5'4'' or shorter but many retailers provide clothing for what seems like tall, amazonian women! You don't even want to know how much I've spent on getting pants and dresses hemmed! Fortunately for us shorter gals, some brands provide petite sizes! When it comes to shorts, the shorter the better, within reason! The smaller the cut, the more leg lengthened you will seem! I'm all for looking taller! 

For some women, creating that hourglass shape is not easily attainable. That's why wearing voluminous, pleated shorts are best for this figure. It will give a grand illusion of the covetable hourglass shape!

A curvy girl's best friend is the high waisted short! They help make your waist look, dainty and small and of course downplay your thighs! I'm such a huge fan of high waisted shorts, it just feels much more complimentary, and who doesn't want a smaller looking waist, without the hassle of a corset?!

All illustrations by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

For the women who are all legs, bermuda shorts are best! Bermuda shorts tend to hit above the the knee, making them longer than usual shorts. These shorts make leggy girls seem more statuesque and amazonian! I've actually tried on a pair of bermuda shorts, and it did not work for my short stature! It just looked confused, like it didn't know whether it wanted to be a pair of shorts or cropped pants!

Hopefully your next shopping venture becomes a little bit more easier with my tips. Don't be afraid to wear shorts this summer, show off your gorgeous gams! Ps, if you're like me and are two of these categories, then try both! I am both petite and curvy, so I would go for a high waisted, shorter-than-usual-inseam pair. Dear readers, how do you feel about wearing shorts? What body type do you fall under?


  1. Great post :) I wished the weather would approve of shorts right now.

    x Angie

  2. Aww, thanks!!! I'm sure the weather should warm up soon for you! Till then you can always wear tights with your shorts! ;)

  3. Hey,
    great pictures and a sweet post! I love it!

  4. What a great post!! I always fear away from shorts cuz I always feel it doesn´t look quite right...

  5. You just have to find THE pair that works for you! Thanks! :)

  6. I'm 5'3" and even with short shorts I still look short sometimes. I'm betting it's because (besides wearing heels) I'm choosing a not so flattering top here and there. I guess it's time to look for the best combo to find out what kind of top looks best and why! I remember wearing PE shorts in middle school and high school would be so weird. What really got me wearing short shorts was a visit to Socal. I'd wear them to beaches, then on a stop to a restaurant or mall, then it was much less uncomfortable when I'd wear them back at home. Still think they might be a bit too short though, haha.

  7. Love, Love this post! The illustrations are super amazing! The content is awesome too.!

  8. This is so helpful ! I love the visual pictures that you put up there and I haven't seen a post for how to wear shorts so this is pretty awesome (: !

  9. Thanks! I'm so glad it helped!

  10. Thank you! That truly means alot to me! #blushing !

  11. Trust me, I know what you mean! I'm only 5'4''! I just kept trying on shorts after shorts until I found the perfect pair/style for my body. And then there's the pairing of tops to help it look complimentary too! I'd love to see your combinations!

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