Tastemakers, Brandon Boyd of Incubus

by Jacqueline Davis Moranti
Growing up with a sibling of the opposite gender, you tend to assimilate to things that they like. Video games, sports and a good portion of my music choices from the 90's I attribute from influences of my brother. Which is exactly how I discovered one of my favorite rock bands, Incubus! One afternoon, I heard my brother playing a beautiful song on his guitar and I asked if it was one if his creations and he told me no, it was a guitar riff from an Incubus song. I immediately searched the band afterwards and it was love at first listen! Every album is a gem and and you can hear the growth and transition from the first album all the way to the latest album, which can also be translated to the lead vocalist of the band, Brandon Boyd. One can clearly see the transformation and maturity that Boyd has developed in his wardrobe choices. From oversized pants to fitted slacks, baggy t shirts to slim fitting button ups. Let me tell you readers, Brandon Boyd cleans up well!

^ Left to right, early 90's to now ^

Photos via Google Search
Another thing very fascinating about Brandon Boyd is that he is a visual artist. He designs most of his band's merchandise and album covers. Such a true Tastemaker, to be able to express his vision in multiple outlooks! He has grown up from his punk rocker days to become a stunning well dressed man, but still add his edginess to his new sharp looks. I love his work and can't wait to see what the future will unfold for him and Incubus!

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