It Girls, Tees to Live In

By Jacqueline Davis Moranti
The time has come to strip off those heavy, wintery layers! Put away the wool and cashmere outerwear pieces and soak up some sun in your favorite tee shirts! Tee shirts are the perfect essentials for any warm weather occasion, they're perfect for days when you have to get dressed up and great for the days when you just have errands to do and need to be comfortable! Tee shirts are the perfect components to look effortlessly cool. Check out my favorite tee shirt styles!

The photographic tee shirt is a great and fun choice. It also reminds you of that place where you want to be, in this case somewhere warm and beautiful with palm trees! Paired with a leather jacket and leather pants, makes for a great evening look and a conversation starter. 

The band tees, many of us have tons of band shirts in our closets! If you're like me, then you've collected shirts from all of the shows you've ever been too! I'm a big music buff, I listen to a lot of not so mainstream musicians which my tees clearly represent and because of that, stir lots of fun conversations.  Plus band tee shirts have the best graphics and designs!

The slouchy, slub, v neck tee, one of my favorite styles. It 's one of the most versatile tee shirt styles, looks amazing paired with a blazer and pencil skirt and still manages to look great in a pair of jeans! Most would prefer to wear this style in a more weekend appropriate ensemble, but I actually like to don the more professional or dressed up scenario approach. It's all about keeping cool in the warmer months! 

The fancy tee shirt, everyone needs one! This one in particular has a mesh material for sleeves and on the sides, making it a very sexy and interesting shirt. The fancy tees are the perfect blend of sporty and feminine. Every fashionista needs a shirt with a cool flair!

Dear readers what tee shirt style do you claim as a favorite? How do you prefer to wear a tee, casually or dressed up?



  1. I love each of these looks. I am always hesitant to wear my basic t's for fear of my outfit looking lazy, but these all look so put together & fab! :)

  2. I practically live in tees :) I like both casual and dressed up.

    x Angie

  3. love the photo tee to :)


Thanks for the sweet whispers! XO