Summer Hair Hack

Illustrated By Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Summer, summer, summmmmertime! We're in the "dog days of summer" where the the temperatures comfortably nestle at 90+ degrees, humidity is out of control, pools are populated, air conditioners are always running and wearing makeup almost seems impossible. But we cannot forget to treat our hair with extra care, all the UV rays, pool chemicals and air conditioners strip hair of it's essential moisture. Especially all the curly/ kinky haired girls like myself! Everyday I'm learning to embrace my hair's tendency to frizz because it naturally happens but I make sure to pay attention to the way it frizzes because that's how your hair tells you it needs more moisture. I've also colored my hair recently and have been using heat styling to my hair. MY hair needs all the love right now! Fortunately i've teamed up with Aussie for their summer Miracle Curls campaign to treat my hair with the love and care that it needs! Check out how I moisturize my strands to the fullest during the summer time to achieve beautiful hair.


In the Aussie Miracle Curls lineup is the Shampoo, Conditioner, Co- wash, the Nourishing Hair Mask, 3 Minute Miracle Curls Deep Conditioner, Leave In Detangling Milk, and Creme Pudding. I absolutely love how great all the products smell, like candy apples! Also the fact that Aussie provides a co wash for us curly girls was another plus for me. With highly textured hair it's important to not use shampoo frequently, a co wash replaces that by cleansing without stripping my hair of it's much needed moisture. The deep conditioner and styling products also provided my hair with a lot of slip, basically helped making the detangling process much easier. I will say that the  leave in conditioner bottle is a bit on the small side (6.7 fl oz.), curly hair needs ALOT of conditioner. I think my hair used about a third of the bottle the first time I used it! 

The creme pudding felt a lot like a mix between a cream and a gel which made it easy to not overuse. It 's a great styling product for twists and braids. For my summer hair hack, aside from using the Aussie products, I also like to do protective styling like twists to keep my hands out of my hair and help seal in the moisture. 

C/O Aussie

After two days of leaving my hair in twists, my roots will start to frizz out but I noticed this time that it hasn't frizzed much. The creme pudding really held its strength and my twists outs have been much more defined and smooth. Like mentioned in the video, frizz is natural, but Aussie's Miracle Curls line has helped reduced that issue and has given me beautiful hair! I will say the creme pudding left my hair a bit crunchy feeling, I counter act that with some coconut oil. All in all, Aussie is inexpensive, can be found at your local drugstore and it works! Dear readers, what are your summer hair hacks?

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