Simple Summer Fashion Modifications

Illustrations by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Sometimes you have pieces of clothing that you love soooooooo much, that you just can’t part with. No matter how ratty it can start to look like. These items we love so much vary from being extremely comfortable or perhaps just a classic design, but they might be not as fashionable as they used to be. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to throw them away or relegate them to the back of the wardrobe, with some patience and modifications you can turn them into a more contemporary style.

Roll It
One of the most widely used fashion style tips is the rolled sleeve.  It is used in many types of
garment from shirts to jackets, and it can give something that was once old-fashioned, a contemporary new look. If you have a favorite shirt that you are longing to use again, then roll up the sleeves, and it will look perfect with anything. The same can be said with jeans, pants and shorts. These are also becoming popular with a rolled leg, and so any old pair of shorts or three-
quarter length trousers can be renewed by using the same technique. During the summer months it can be daunting to wear a button up shirt especially if you work in an office environment, but rolling the sleeves can make it more comfortable and give it an effortlessly, cool look! 

Draping Your Clothes
No matter what the latest trend might be, a draped garment over the shoulders, over your waist, etc is still considered fashionable. If you have ever seen an old movie of the fifties or sixties, you will
evidently see that draping your layers was fashionable back then just as it is today. If you have an old jacket or cardigan that you still want to use, drape it over your shoulders or even tie it around your waist for your next outing. It has the added benefit of keeping you warm if there is a chill in the air, and you can still use this garment for a long time to come.

Stylize It
With garments such as t-shirts, they are always going to be fashionable, but at some degree.
If you have some old shirts that need a new lease of life, then try to re-invent them. One way to re amplify an old tee is to add some transfers/ patches to it using a 15x15 Heat Press. You can buy many designs online or at your local fabric/ arts & crafts store and change an old t-shirt into something new. Another way is to tie-dye it or add color to your old t-shirt. Tie-dye designs are starting to become fashionable again, so it can be a cheap but effective way to rejuvenate your clothing. My personal favorite way to take an old tee to new again is with scissors! Cut out a new neckline or give it some new armholes or even cut out a portion of the hem for a crop top.

Knot It
If you want to define your waistline, but you don’t want to wear a belt because there are no belt loops, then knotting your shirt is another classic solution. It adds a touch of playfulness than just simply tucking it in. It also means that an old shirt that you thought you wouldn’t be able to
wear again can be reused with a knotted waist. I like to do this with oversized tops and button front shirts. You can also add another modern feature if you roll the cuffs as well.

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Fashion doesn’t stand still, in fact, it often comes around in circles. What once was
fashionable will likely come back into fashion sooner or later. It means that any old garments
you have will likely have a new lease on life in the future. Just think of what your future, potential gran kids will think of our style?! Dear readers, what are some of your simple solutions to your wardrobe?

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