Get Your Boho Style On For Spring

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

As spring marches on towards the promises and dreams of a glorious summer it’s a good time to make sure you have a wardrobe of clothes ready to go. The season of long evenings, busy weekends and (hopefully) lots of lovely sun to bask in; providing endless opportunities to get a lighter, more whimsical bohemian style on. Thaw off your winter style to welcome the abundance of Spring's new trend!

How to do the Spring bohemian look
One of the key things that makes the bohemian look such a joy to put together is the lack of strict rules. The chance to make clashing patterns and unlikely materials work in a carefully crafted harmony, but when it comes to the warmer season it’s natural to crave something a little more subtle. This is in fact the perfect time to opt for a look best described as ‘bohemian minimalism’; a flexible style which pays homage to everything that makes summer so special, without compromising your fashion identity. There are plenty of places to shop online for bohemian clothing and fashion.

Key pieces for a minimalist bohemian summer season
The essential differences between regular and minimalist bohemian styles and designs are less dramatic than you may first think. In fact the great news is that the basic outlines and accessory choices are not terribly different to those you already own and wear. Dresses are mostly still long, made from loose fitting, cool fabric and optional tiers and ruffles, but they definitely lose the patterns, and the colours are generally softer. Short, shift style dresses, perhaps with a quirky yet understated detail are great choices for evening and beach wear, as are loose tops, wide-legged cotton trousers, and lace vests.

Accessories go simple
Bohemian minimalism is about simplicity. Clean lines and no unnecessary extra detail or decoration. Feed your footwear fetish with plain coloured slip-on sandals, rather than something with ties to be fastened from ankle to mid calf. Hats are casual, often floppy, with wide brims, while a simple, oversized bag will be enough to get your through. Jewellery is still a central part of any outfit of course, but for the minimalist look ‘less is more’ replaces ‘anything goes’ as the mantra to live by. Go for one bangle rather than ten, but make it stunning and unusual. Do the same with earrings, necklaces (only one) and rings. The point is to combine the underlying essence of bohemian dress sense with a simple, summer look.

Dear readers, do you dare you ditch the paisley, stripes and checks? Can you bear to part with all but one of those pieces you’ve layered on yourself so very carefully? Is packing away the mad patterns something you could see yourself doing? Whatever your answer, at least now you know how to get started.


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