The Future is Female

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Just a little haiku to all the ladies... Women are the divine energy of this Earth. If you don't believe you are a goddess, I'm here to tell you otherwise. We carry and create life itself. We are fierce, yet delicate, a storm that can wreak havoc or manifest peace. We are the most powerful beings. Blessings to all goddesses in this International Womens History Month. 
As you can tell, not the best poet but at least I can design my appreciation for women and girls everywhere! Fortunately Hello Healthy has released its new spring collection dedicated to all the women everywhere, enjoying what they love, fitness! 

Hello Healthy was created in the goal to give confidence back to women. So often we're told how we should look and what we should wear and usually by the opposite gender.  HH wants women to love moving and doing what they love in what they want to wear and enjoy the experience! As a woman, who is obsessed with fitness, it makes me really excited to talk about Help Healthy, especially the new Spring collection.  From pinks to floral, textural to graphics, bold blues and strappy details, Spring is in! Here are a few of my favorite picks!

This season is all about light and flirty colors with an ultra feminine touch! Ballet has always been an epitome in dance and as an ex ballet dancer, I'm familiar with the type of movement required from clothing to feel comfortable with every pose! Hello Healthy's Lily Wrap Top is the perfect companion  for your "pliaes," it also looks great when paired with wide leg trousers and jeans!

I love a great pair of joggers, especially one that can integrate into a minimalist wardrobe! The Cleo joggers have a thin rainbow side- stripe paired with it's soft, plush knit to make every walk to the studio or grocery store feel like a catwalk!

All about those nudes.... not that kind of nude! Spring this year will feature a variety of nudes from makeup to shoes and now your favorite gym training set! The Stella Training Set is seamless and uber comfy for the heaviest of workouts. The fabric moves with you and is forgiving. I also like to mix and match this set with other pieces for more looks!

Wide leg pant styles are full of drama, the kind of drama you want! The Viola Velveteen Pant pairs the drama with a little leg peek on the side with slits. These pants are perfect for your next dance class or just dancing the night away. The soft pink color and textural nature are in line with Spring!

Seamless styles are in! Wearing a seamless style legging helps you show off your best assets by providing compression and support, which is exactly why the Trishna Hi Rise Tights are one of my favorites! Also the fact that it comes in this lovely rosey pink color, i'm just head over heels! It has become one of my favorite leggings to wear to and from the gym!

This season make sure to express your Spring Awakening with colors and pieces to show off your gym/ studio style. Hello Healthy's latest spring collection is definitely giving me vibes to put my best foot forward! Dear readers, have you checked out Hello Healthy yet?

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