Floral Persuasion

Photos by Melissa Alam
You would never think that at one point in my life, I loathed floral patterns! I was very much a "tomboy" growing up, you wouldn't catch me dead in a flower print! Time has changed and I have welcomed the florals into my life. Nowadays, I cannot take off this fantastic Spring print, all thanks to my first Philadelphia Flower Show a few years ago. Change is good! Although, I did manage to channel my tomboy phase with the parka jacket over the dress. It was my way of making this very feminine silhouette into something very edgy! 

Dress: Club Monaco, jacket: H&M(Similar),  belt: Forever21, socks: American Apparel, pumps: Schutz, rings: Aoki, gifted, sunnies: Firmoo

Definitely going to see a lot more of the floral persuasion from me this season! Dear readers, how do you feel about floral prints, you love them or hate them?


  1. I literally can never get enough florals. I constantly gravitate torward the floral pieces I have. I don't think I'll ever outgrow it! :)


  2. i've become a floral lover. all colors! i love that dress :)

  3. Amazing photos, love your dress and you hair :)

    x Angie

  4. Awww, you're too kind! Thank you!

  5. floral prints? love them! you look gorgeous!



Thanks for the sweet whispers! XO